This was a poem I wrote in 2007 for my one year anniversary with my husband

It all began

Meeting in a warm July

Guided by Our Savior

Joining our two souls as one

As one kiss sparks

Music to sing through my veins

Our hearts in harmony

Always there for me

Such a relief in your strength

The comfort in your arms

My protector

Living carefree and spontaneous

As we live for the moment


Ready to fight anything in our path

The future is ours

Knowing you are the one

Marrying my soul mate

Spending forever in this perfection

Ocean waves mist a sea goddess

Fallen crunch of colored leaves

Days with chilled snow breeze

Birds flying upon the colorful flower petals

As the year passes by

The two of us

A poem I wrote for my husband for our 1 year anniversary 8-3-07

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