Grounding Meditation


Here is a meditation that helps you be connected to your root chakra.

Get into a comfortable position

Take a deep breath into the hara, which is a few inches below the navel…and out

Take a deep breath in, sinking into the floor…and out

Breathe in….and out

On this breath, Breathe in Deeply and Let go of everything that has happened before this moment, anything that happened earlier in the day or earlier this week,

And as you exhale feel the past melt away from you, releasing any distracting thoughts from your energetic space

And take another breath in, and anything that is happening in the future after tonight, anything you are thinking about and worrying about things you have to do  

Breathe out and let that go

Now, breathe in this exact moment, breathing in here and now, and breathe out

Imagine a cord connecting through your feet or your tailbone [sitting in chair vs floor]into the layers of the earth’s core. Down to the center of the earth.  When you reach the center, you see a ball of pure, bright, white light. Slowly, bring that light back up through the earth, and feel it slowly rise within your body.  

If tailbone on floor:

Feel the warm, bright energy, rising through your tailbone, surrounding your root chakra, and feel it travel down your hips, to your thighs, Feel the strong, solid, warm energy of the earth reach your knees, to your shins..Breathe it in as you feel it reach your ankles and your feet.  Take another breath in of that pure light into your root chakra.

If Feet on floor (chairs)

Feel the warm, bright energy, rising through your feet, firmly planted on the ground, and up into your ankles, your shins, Warming your knees…thighs…feeling the strong Earth energy in your hips…and into the root chakra.

And as it makes its way up through your stomach, and lungs, Breathe that in.  Feel this bright, light energy reach and fill up your heart…Feel yourself becoming more centered and solid in this moment.

Now the energy reaches your arms and flows out through your fingertips.  It now makes its way to your shoulders, pulling them into deep relaxation. Feel the warm, bright energy, reach your throat, your third eye and out the tip of your head.  Feel this Earth energy running through your entire body, stable, safe, and grounding, pulling you to the earth until the energy runs in a current throughout your whole being and out through your hands.  

Breathe this in for a few more breaths…And now we will slowly come back to the room.  Wiggle your toes and your fingers and slowly, when you are ready, open your eyes.


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