New Year’s Resolutions, Goal Setting, Shifting Your Life Focus 


So for some reason you are ready for a change.  Maybe it is January 1,  a new moon or you decided it feels like the right time. I love doing this in January and June, but any day can be Day One/line in the sand/a day you can do this. I couldn’t find an article that covered this. I like to go over sections of life, kind of like “Oola.” For purposes of the article it’ll be year, but this can be used monthly, semi-annually, etc. So set some sacred space and get out your journal!

I start with past to release when needed (fun to burn these safely): 

  1. I want to let go of 
  2. I no longer want to feel 
  3. Releasing of a bad habit 

Other past reflections (Memories, Accomplishments and Overall feelings about the past year)

And now here’s the prompts for the future! I look at the day-to-day, overall vision/goals for the categories I feel called to shift each year. It’s okay to start small. I could be 1 in each category, picking a few and truly expanding into them, or you could pick one to focus on each month. Some themes I combined on one line.

  1. Word/Theme for the year – once mine was “live boldly,” this year is peace 
    1. good article for ideas
  2. Feelings I want to feel
  3. Faith/Spirituality/Spiritual Practices 
  4. Career/Business
  5. Family/Friendships
  6. Self Care practices/Hobbies 
  7. Fitness/Exercise/Nutrition 
  8. Home and Sacred Space goals 
  9. Affirmations for the year 
  10. Sacred Space – How I want my home (wherever you live) to feel, smell like, look like, changes to be made, spaces with clutter, home improvement projects
  11. Overall vibes for how I want life to look – I did this at the end after I saw the overall life vision from my other goals 

At the end, I give thanks and gratitude to God and I give thanks for all of this or something better.

xo Michelle Gargaro of Unleash Light Within

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