About Me

Hey loves! Welcome!

I’m so happy that you are here.  I’m a Spiritual Creative Coach empowering heart-centered men & women to unleash their true selves. Illuminating the path, I’m creating a space to connect to the self & others as a Reiki Master Teacher.

But you probably clicked on this page to learn more about me.  So I’ll start with the basics and then get real on you because that’s how I am. I was born and raised on Long Island by my mom, dad, grandma, younger sister and younger brother.  I met my husband at church camp in 2008, and my faith is very important to me. We have a dog together and have a wonderful home where I create Reiki-charged jewelry and loving meals, and I play video games.

I grew up trying to make everyone else happy and trying to be perfect [Virgo Rising/Sun is some heavy perfectionism, Moon Aquarius].  At age 12, I put away my desire to become an author and decided to do something more secure.

I’ve been on a self-discovery and self-help path since about 7th grade, which was a year after that decision.  I have struggled with depression and anxiety attacks for most of my life.  Then, a traumatic event occurred at the end of college, leaving me feeling as if I was helpless and suffering from low self-confidence.  I was on medication during this time, going to therapy, and I was starting to cut myself.   During this time, I was pretending that I was okay, and most people around me didn’t know how bad it was getting.  I started searching for answers, as I didn’t want to feel the way I was feeling.  I began reading self-help books, learning about essential oils as a natural alternative, and meeting with coaches.  I learned about Reiki.

I started to feel better about my outer image, but I was still unhappy.  At first I thought it was circumstantial, as I went from being away at college to back home which did not agree with me so I focused my energy into moving out, but when I moved in with my husband (at the time fiance), I realized I was still unhappy. Then, I lost my childhood dog, sending me into a downward spiral of loneliness.

Here is where I started to really focus in on Reiki.  I began my Reiki journey back in 2015, but I wasn’t practicing it regularly.  At first, I just got the certification and then kind of fell off the wagon.  At the end of 2016, I started going to Reiki & Meditation Circles bi-weekly and applying the lessons of Reiki to my life.  In 2017, I began going to a community, mindfulness, and breath circles as well.  This is where I started to see shifts solidifying in me.  I started to notice more often how I lost myself and just felt God flowing through me in Reiki.  I began writing, and I began showing up as myself.

In April 2017, I stopped hiding.  I began cooking on retreats and filling people’s souls.  I shared some of my most vulnerable secrets and felt connected to people in ways I didn’t realize was possible.  I learned about my boundaries and when I need to stand my ground and stay firm in who I am.  I received my certification for Life Coaching, began hosting and co-hosting Reiki Circles, and I started my daily meditation practice.

And here I am today writing this to you.  Being super real and honest about my journey in which I am still growing.  If you are looking for someone who does things from their heart and soul to help you unleash your light within and to help you find the way to heal your darkness, then I’m here to create that space.  I’m excited for our journey together and for what is to come.

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