Manifesting Your Dreams

We don’t get a “runner’s high” from just thinking about running.
So how would we manifest our dreams just by thinking about them and setting intentions?
We achieve our dreams by taking the inspired actions.
We achieve this by celebrating each of these action steps along the way.  And by celebrating the process, similar to celebrating each run and feeling that amazing joy in each step of the journey.

One of My Favorite Prayers

Prayers and Intentions

Here is a prayer that I enjoy listening to in my mornings frequently.  It’s such a beautiful intention to start my day. It’s starting the day knowing that God, the Universe, the Holy Spirit is with me in this day.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.   If you’d like to listen to it instead of read it, here is the link to the one that I listen to here. I believe God is always with us, and it’s so nice to start off the day feeling that in every way.