Life’s Purpose


This has always been a big question on my mind. What is my life’s purpose? It’s big, daunting and scary. Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? There are so many possibilities. how do I choose?

I find it’s easier to take this question day by day. It’s a smaller scale answer to this big question. I look at my values on the small scale to give myself more directions.

I take a look at my habits. What am I doing daily to strengthen my spirituality and faith? This lent I have started reading a bible passage a day. My husband and I have started our dinners with saying grace. Some nights I have added back in self reiki.

I look at my mental and physical habits. Am I resting, journaling, eating well, drinking water, sleeping, practicing self care, being active?

The next level is- Relationships and career. How am I with others (at home and work and everywhere)? Do I like my job? what are my strengths and weaknesses? Do I like the people that surround me? It’s really looking at this part of your life and seeing how you show up each day.

I think ultimately this is about being true to our needs and wants and to be the best person we can be to ourself and others. I don’t have all the answers. I don’t have most of the answers. To me, life’s purpose is following by Gods example and continuing to be a good person and ask for answers and continue to take action towards what I think is best day by day, but what does living your life’s purpose mean to you?

New Year’s Resolutions, Goal Setting, Shifting Your Life Focus 


So for some reason you are ready for a change.  Maybe it is January 1,  a new moon or you decided it feels like the right time. I love doing this in January and June, but any day can be Day One/line in the sand/a day you can do this. I couldn’t find an article that covered this. I like to go over sections of life, kind of like “Oola.” For purposes of the article it’ll be year, but this can be used monthly, semi-annually, etc. So set some sacred space and get out your journal!

My Journey


I am light and I have the Holy Spirit Life Force Energy flowing through me. My name is Michelle, I’m here as a Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and Accountant.  I live on Long Island with my husband, living close by to my family and in-laws.

I grew up Roman Catholic, and I believe in a lot of the fundamentals of the religion.  I find myself very much resonating with the Jesuits nowadays, but I also believe in elements found in Buddhism and Spirituality that I have found through learning about Reiki.

In my past I have struggled with depression.  It mainly stemmed from not being my true authentic self and people pleasing to all those around me.  Living more from others’ expectations, I stopped looking within. I lived reacting to the external world and never really checking in with my own happiness.  I valued stability over taking chances and feeling afraid yet going for my true dreams.  At times, I didn’t even know what my dreams were. I just knew I was longing for something.

So I searched in essential oils, podcasts, and self help books.  Met with counselors and life coaches.

And then, in 2015, I found Reiki in all of it’s beauty, and I felt like I connected to the piece of me I was longing for.  It was learning that I had that light within me all along.  I felt so incredibly connected to God, and feeling internal connection to the Higher Power externally brought me to tears.  I resonated so deeply with it.  As I continued on the journey of finding myself, I found the power of meditation and breath.  And this, along with consistently practicing Reiki, continued to heal me.

I started to express myself with written word and creating loving meals on retreats.  I began using my hands to create Reiki-charged crowns and jewelry. I began to bring in more fun and play with my hobbies, like video games, snuggling watching TV with my husband, and reading. I connected with an amazing community.

I learned about my boundaries and when I need to stand my ground and stay firm in who I am.  I received my certification for Life Coaching in 2018, began hosting and co-hosting Reiki Circles, and I started my daily meditation practice.

I now life a life of fun, connection, and creativity.  Connected to I live a life of passion and love.  I live a life honoring all the pieces of me.  Honoring my love of Jesus yet having space for a spiritual practice.  I honor whatever faith you may practice, and knowing people’s unfortunate faith experiences I want you to know that.

My passion is to create a connected space and community with no hierarchy, where I am a guide and facilitator to bring people to their empowered self.  As someone who used to constantly look outside of myself for validation, I now look to myself and my faith for that peace.

I empower people to shift out of people pleasing and into a life filled with joy, love, passion, and laughter.  I create a space to help heal the past and trapped emotions, feel the gratitude in this present moment, and work towards a future to feel excited about!

If you are looking for someone who does things from their heart and soul to help you unleash your light within and to empower you on your healing path, then I’m here to create that space.  I’m excited for our journey together and for what is to come.

Knowing Your Five


So…sometimes our energy is “in the shitter.” We are low vibe, feeling sup sluggish, bleh, and blah.  You know when these moments are.  Everything feels a bit off- from your internal energy to your responses.  You don’t feel like yourself.

When I end up feeling this way, I take a look at “My Five” and see if I’ve been practicing them. These are the 5 things that bring me back to me.  My true light within.  “My Five” can change in different seasons and shift around, but it’s basically asking yourself, “What do I need right now in this moment?” It really helps to have this list already on-hand,  knowing what really brings you back to yourself.  It’s an element of self care and recharge.  Adding in the joy, since humans need to recharge just as much, if not more than our phones.  When we take the time to rest, we can show up from a more aligned place.

This is My Five:

  1. Snuggling watching TV/Movie
  2. Play of some kind (Video games, pulling cards)
  3. Reiki Healing
  4. Meditation
  5. Music, Sound Healing

Here are some more Examples to help you find “Your Five”: 

  • Breathwork/Meditation/Holistic Healing
    • Breath moments – taking just 30 seconds to do 5 seconds in 5 seconds out – helps in traffic especially [great with essential oils]
    • Reiki, Sound Healing, guided meditation, mindful breath techniques
  • Grounding/Movement – walking, getting into the physical, nature connection
    • Knowing if your happy place is the beach, forest, your bed, a bath [with essential oils/cbd/epsom salt] going for a walk
    • Dancing
    • Exercise
  • Spending time alone/spending time with other people [friends, family] 
    • Going out for a nice Dinner
  • Play, Hobbies 
    • Reading, Journaling 
  • Beauty: Massage, Manicure
  • Usually consists of less Social Media and more time being present. Adding in more rest time or Simply. Doing. Nothing.

What are Your Five? Lemme know in the comments!


Manifesting Your Dreams

We don’t get a “runner’s high” from just thinking about running.
So how would we manifest our dreams just by thinking about them and setting intentions?
We achieve our dreams by taking the inspired actions.
We achieve this by celebrating each of these action steps along the way.  And by celebrating the process, similar to celebrating each run and feeling that amazing joy in each step of the journey.