Reiki is a Japanese-derived Holistic healing technique. It helps us connect to ourselves by clearing our main energy centers, or chakras, to help with our mental, emotional and physical states.  Reiki is gentle, and it can be done within the aura (above the body) or by lightly touching the body at specific points.  By using Reiki, I help release stress and encourage relaxation.   

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Life Coaching

I help to empower heart-centered people to unleash their true selves. Illuminating the path, I’m creating a space to connect to the self & others.  Together we take a look at what you are focused on, your daily habits and wellness practices, your feelings of self-worth and tendencies to people please, finding what truly lights you up, and being happy in the current moment. I specialize in living in spirituality and creativity. I would love to connect and share this journey with you.

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Retreats are the time where to remove all of life’s distractions and recharge.  I create this space to help you discover the light within.  We reconnect to ourselves and to others and reflect on our own patterns.  We look at our conditioning and our tendencies to over book ourselves and leave little time for fun, joy and creativity. We take time to journal, meditate, pull Oracle cards, gather together to eat clean and nutritious meals, and receive Reiki sessions. 

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Raindrop Technique

The Raindrop Technique® was developed by D. Gary Young and his experience with the Lakota Native American wellness traditions about 30 years ago.  It uses nine Young Living Essential Oils dropped above the body onto the spine which are then lightly induced to penetrate using various hand to body techniques. This helps positively support and balance the body physically, mentally and emotionally with a soothing and relaxing technique. 

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Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils is a company that I love.  I use their essential oils [I love adding these to our Reiki sessions, just ask], diffusers, Thieves line (cleaning and immune system support), Ningxia (energy and antioxidant drink), their skin care, and their mineral makeup.  I trust their non-toxic and chemical free products for everyday use, and I really love adding them to my spiritual practice.  If you would like to have these products too, click here.  

Kannaway CBD Oil

CBD Oil, or cannabidiol, is oil derived from hemp, a “cousin” or sorts to the cannabis [marijuana] plant. Unlike cannabis, it has little to no THC in the products, which is the “high”  from cannabis.  CBD, is that relaxation support people talk about with cannabis but without the high feeling.  It’s a very beneficial holistic alternative to help with everyday life. To join with me you can click here. My ID is 4100345 if you need it.